August 25, 2011

God's miracle

Wow it has been such a long time since I have been on last. There is a good reason why and all though this post may be long, there is a lesson in the end! So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.
It started two years ago when my sister and her family relocated to Columbus for her husbands job. Yes it is only 2 hrs away, but it was the point that my nieces and nephew weren't 5 Min's away anymore, which is what we were all used to.  I was so upset and wondering why God would relocate them. Unfortunately that answer was made clear to us almost One year ago. My brother in law Eric became very ill one night. My sister kept saying he needed to go to the doctor and he said no because he knew what they would say....he is overweight, it's just his bleeding ulcers and take medicine. This continued for 24 hrs until Eric was on the bathroom floor and turning a greenish yellow color and could hardly make it back to bed after violently throwing up for 24 hrs. My sister called 911 and the whirlwind started. He was admitted to the hospital and was told he had severe pancretitis. My sister told me to just go on our camping trip for Labor day because it's just controlled with pain meds. Unfortunately, he went down hill FAST. I received a call at 6 am  the following day that Eric was in critical condition, on a ventilator, had multiple organ failure and they needed to get him to Ohio State University Hospital, but could not get him stable enough to move him. He was dying and I was hrs away and there was nothing I could do. I was told not to leave and just wait. After several hours he was stabilized and the OSU Critical Care Team came and transported Eric. When they arrived at the hospital there was a team of doctors, surgeons, nurses just waiting for him and started right away with him. They kept him stable, but his body went septic. I was finally able to get to him and my family the day after we returned from our trip, which was 3 days later, and when I walked in to the MICU I saw my brother in law just laying in a bed, hooked up to a ventilator, a dialysis machine, tubes, meds and much more around him. I have never seen anything like it in my life. This continued for a long time and he was transported to the SICU because he was going to need surgery, but was not stable enough for it. What had happened was he had gallstones and was not aware of it and one let go, lodged in his pancreas duct and sent poison through his body. They had to keep fluid going in him at all times and there was so much fluid that after weeks his lungs started to collapse due to the pressure. They had to do emergency surgery to relieve the pressure and my sister was sat down and told they were sorry, but they did not think he would make it out of the operating room alive. He just was not stable enough. We prayed and prayed and he made it though. This was the beginning of several surgeries and several set backs. We almost lost Eric 7 times total over the past year. I can't even say all that happened because it would take days. Eric was in a coma for 8 weeks and had  all these surgeries and woke up and saw his blood going through a machine, had a tube in his throat, missed his 34th birthday and more. It was all to much to take in. With the fluid they put on him he ended up weighing over 400 lbs which was over 200 lbs more then he was when he went in. I traveled to Columbus several times a week just to sit with him and talk to him even when he couldn't hear me. His brother traveled form NC every weekend to be by his side. When he was awake he was struggling. He has had many set backs. They diagnosed him with Necrotizing (sp) pancretitis, went septic twice, kidneys failed twice, had a liver infection which was shutting down his organs again, was bleeding internally and they could not find where and could not do surgery because they knew he would not make it through. I am happy to report that God has worked his miracle in Eric and he is alive and making more progress everyday. He had a feeding tube for a long time and they just removed it yesterday and they are changing his liver drain today. He will be having another surgery in January to fix the hernia that was created from his first surgeries since they could not close him. The doctors and surgeons said they have never seen anyone as sick as him survive. They are all in disbelief. My sister was by his side everyday no matter what. My mom moved in with my sister to care for the kids while my sister was at the hospital and even though he came home he still has physical therapy, dialysis and more. He had been very sick and at the worst time the devil came to visit him. He told my sister the devil was in his hospital room, what he looked like, he was playing games with Eric, told him my sister had done some unspeakable things. It was so scary that we were all on our knees praying and collecting pictures of Jesus and putting them all over his room. The devil finally left because he couldn't get him. There is so much more that happened and several trips back to the hospital after making it home and chances of losing him again and again. The last time we almost lost him was May and it was so scary. I could go on literally for hours, but the point to this is I have been very busy with all that and also in being angry at God, questioning God, wondering how this could happen, begging and praying that God would heal his body and make him a miracle, make him a testimony that God heals.  God finally gave me peace and said he will be ok. God is healing his body and God saved him. God made it clear to me that all the things we/I questioned about why they had to move was that it was God's plan. He knew Eric was going to be so sick he would need OSU medical center because if he was here in Canton he would not have survived. God has showed me that I need to trust in him no matter if I understand or not and just let him work. I sit here today and still tears streaming down my face because not only is it hard to relive this, but it's also God touching my heart. If someone doesn't believe in God and his powers please read this and read it again until you see his miracles. God is here and he will save you and he will be there for you. We may not always get the answers we want and I haven't, but I know God is doing it for a reason just as he did with my sister. I will close in asking that everyone continue to pray for my sister and her family. The kids are 14, 10 and 5 and it's been so heartbreaking for them. They still need lots of prayer as he still has a lot of healing and a long way to go. He finally has 10% kidney function which is unbelievable! I also ask that if you do not know God as your savior please accept him. We all need him. I need him to work in my life right now as well as my sisters and Eric's. God loves us all so much! If you have any questions feel free to ask I can explain or go into more detail about what happened to Eric. I just didn't wanna write a book!!!!!
Eric before his last trip to the hospital. Praise God He is alive

June 30, 2010


As I sit here and reflect on the miracle that happened in my life 12 yrs ago today I feel so blessed.  I remember it like it was yesterday and some days wish it was! After a week of contractions every five minutes, going to the hospital and being sent home for false labor a week later the day was finally here! I was going to be a mommy ready or not. It was a rainy and stormy day, I went to my 37 week check up and the doctor said you are dialated to 4 so it's time to go to the hospital.  At that moment I felt like I was going to die of fear.  I wanted to have this baby so bad because I was so uncomfortable and just wanted to know if I this miracle inside me was a Bailey or a Madison, but yet hearing those words, it's time, I wanted to die.  I remember leaving the doctor and heading to my parents and telling my mom I was to head over to the hospital soon and my sister and mom were thrilled and the phone calls started.  My mom had me go home and get everything ready and my family was going to follow us to the hospital.  I went home and got more scared as the minutes past and when I was finally ready to go there was a funnel cloud up the street so naturally it delayed us leaving.  As petrified as I am of storms I was some what thankful for that funnel cloud because it meant that I could stay home just a bit longer.  A bit later we realized it was time to go. As we were getting closer to the hospital my fear grew bigger and I remember saying "I changed my mind I'm not doing this. I am not going in. This baby can live inside me for life because I can't do this....then the tears started"  After pulling into the hospital and pulling myself together I walked up to labor and delivery and let them know I had arrived.  The nurse got me settled in and my IV started and off she was heading to get a doctor to break my water. UMMMM wait I said something has just happened and the nurse started laughing and said "oh honey nothing bad has happened your water broke."  At that moment I realized there was really no turning back and then was told I was at 7 so not much longer!  I made it clear when I walked in that I wanted the epidural and they were to make sure I didn't miss the "window" of getting it.  As I lay there in so much pain that I could not breathe and the nurse turning into the devil I thought I was dying. I remember being told "just breathe, you have to breathe" and my response was " I CAN'T BREATHE YOU BREATHE FOR ME".  The pain had gotten so bad that I could not hold still and I kept asking for the epi and the nurse kept delaying and finally 2 1/2 hrs later it was came the meds.  As I was getting the epi with contractions one on top of the other with NO break the doc was so nasty and told me if I didn't quit crying she wasn't giving it to me and my nurse on the other side of the room running around setting up the room for delivery I wondered "is this normal, should I be told this, should the nurse be getting ready for delivery all ready?"  Finally the meds were in and taking the pain away!!! I was looking forward to some rest and my popscicle that the nurse brought me! I was in heaven at that moment......but then the nurse came in only after 1 min of giving me the popscicle and only 20 mins after my epi and said "It's time to push".  UMMMM EXCUSE ME.....I just got out of pain, I just got my popscicle WHAT.  Ok I thought here goes nothing....within 3 pushes my baby was here, I heard the doctor say IT'S A BOY! My husband about hit the ceiling hearing that and we just smiled and looked at our beautiful baby boy! They brought Bailey over to my arms and I just held him and stared at this baby that was mine! I could not stop smiling and so proud when my family all came in to see him! Well that's when my life as a mommy began! I have loved and hated it at times, but I would not trade it for anything. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful son Bailey who is 12 yrs old today! You have blessed my life more then you could ever imagine!

April 2, 2010


Well it has been a while since I have been able to blog!  There is so much that has gone on, but way to much to blog about.  I just finished up my classes to recertify with Disney so I can start working at home again.  I have to say that I was not sure I would make it through the class though. It was for 2 weeks, but no weekends.  The trainer was very good, but had a couple of things that drove me crazy.  The main issue was that he would eat while he was teaching. Mind you he was wearing a headset so his mouth was to close to the mic and he would just chew, chew, chew and talk while he would chew, chew, chew.  I can not stand mouth noises and I really can't stand when they are magnified in my ear.  It was like nails down a chalk board and I could not get away from it.  He would take drinks also and would make the "ahhh" noise every time he took a drink and would smack his lips together.  Oh I wanted to rip my ear off. I couldn't take it and almost told him that if he didn't stop I was going to come through the phone and punch him! I ended up not listening to half of the class, since I had already done it, because the mouth noises were so bad.  My husband would laugh at me while I was going off about the eating, lip smacking, gum chewing and eating.  All I can say is I am glad the class is over and I'm certified and ready to work.

Among other things that have happened I went to the grocery store with my cousin yesterday.  We had my son Max and her daughter who is 2.  They were both really good at the grocery and I had to get gas before I took her home.  Now I use fuel perks and had $1.60 off.  I went to the pump and my card said there was nothing. I waited in line to ask the attendant why it was saying that and he said that the card number on the receipt was different then the card number on the card.  He had no idea how that could happen since I gave him the card that was just scanned.  Well I didn't get my perks and that irritated me a bit, but hey life moves on right.  On our way home we turned on the air and rolled up the windows.  We got to her house and unloaded her groceries, quickly because I had an appt. 20 min from her house in 30 mins.  As I ran upstairs to use her restroom I hear her yell up that she can't get her daughter out of my van and the door kept "beeping at her". (I have automatic doors) I yelled down that she just needed to unlock the doors because the lock sometimes freezes. About 3 seconds pass and I hear "Jenny I locked the doors" I said "are you kidding?" ( it was april fools day) She frantically says "NO Jenny I locked the doors and the kids are in the car" I started laughing and ran downstairs to see that she was NOT kidding and locked the two kids in the car. Now mind you that's a 2&3 yr old we're talking about. She is panicing and calls her husband and tells him what she did and is basically yelling at him like he did it which cracked me up and tells him to get home!  I am laughing and trying to keep her calm and telling her "it's really ok, they are in their car seats, the air is on and my emergency break is on. They can't go anywhere and we are going to get them out."  Well after trying to get my son to "break out" of his car seat and the straps being to tight on his legs for him to move I am on hold with the Emergecny Roadside Assistance waiting to get a tow truck to the house ( I didn't wait to see if he could get out before I called the tow truck either!) My cousin gets home ( it's my cousins wife that did this) and is trying to get in the van with a hanger, which is not working, we are both making jokes at his wife about staying away from the van, my sister ended up calling and asking Tracy ( yes I told her I wouldn't use her name, but it's ok u don't know her) and Tracy is telling my sister what happened and my sisters response was "they are in the car seats, can't go anywhere, the air is on....pull up a lawn chair and enjoy the peace!" Well I finally got my son to pull his lock and we got them out! He was the hero!  It was quite commical!
Well this is really very long so I will stop now! Hope you had a better day then us!

February 16, 2010

Valentine's weekend!

I had such a wonderful weekend.  Saturday morning I got up and went to a card stamping party for a couple hours and then came home to a quiet house.  My husbands parents came and took Max for the entire day, while Bailey and Noah were with their dad.  I got to lay in bed, relax, watch T.V. (acutal adult shows no Disney), take a nap and get up when I wanted with out hearing the kids fighting, coming into my room a million times to complain, Max telling me get up or creating a mess for me! It was so lovely.  Then when I finally decided to get up we went to look around some stores for an entertainment center, where my husband got sticker shock, then got the kids some extra Valentine's stuff!  We then got to eat dinner in a resaurant, instead of take out, while actually getting to talk to eachother, again with NO interruptions, no one was eating my food and I actually got to sit through the entire meal! After that we picked up Max and came home and were so relaxed we couldn't go to bed until after 2 am! Sunday morning we woke up and had a lazy morning, went to Menards to get my husbands supplies for a job, grocery, then to my parents to visit with my parents, sister, kids and her husband. We aren't big on buying eachother gifts for Valentine's day since we don't see the need and I'm glad because we saved our money for a nice dinner together, spent "free" quality time at home and relaxed. That to me is priceless and the best present ever.
What did you all do for Valentine's day? I hope you had as wonderful of a weekend as me!

January 28, 2010


It started as a nice day....I got up 15 min. early, the kids only fought once, we left the house in time for me to get gas, dropped the boys off to school early, got to enjoy my coffee while Max watched Mickey Mouse, got to talk to my friend and I am in my room doing a few things and talking to my girlfriend I start smelling what I think is spices. I tell myself I'm just "smelling things" that don't exist and continue on....I mean I am upstairs and the kitchen is downstairs and I'm certainly not cooking. As I go about my business the smell gets stronger so I decided to investigate and as I walk down the steps and around the corner I notice my spice cupboard open and a little spice bottle on the floor. I am quickly realizing that Max decided to empty to spice cupboard and well he decided to do it on my couch, foot rest, carpet and clean folded clothes. I quickly tell my friend I gotta go, as she is laughing, look at Max and say "what are you doing"? He had already ran and hid beside the couch like he was invisible, but decided to reappear. I took a couple pics of the mess and forwarded them to Leah and my husband to show the lovely mess. My husband instantly calls and says "what's that." I informed him that our son decided to open all of our spices and combine them. Now, I know he can hear the frustration in my voice while as I am telling him this Max picks up my Nike's and says "look me dump" and spices pour out of those too, but my husband still felt the need to say "well where were you and what were you doing". Ummmm Hello I don't think that was your smartest comment ever and if I could I would come through the phone and choke you, but the nice, calm wife I am said I was up in our room doing stuff and I had just checked on him 5 min before that. He says oh well I gotta go. Yep ok dear you have a lovely day while I clean up this lovely mess that has made my house smell like a nasy old country spice store that when you pull in the parking lot the smell overtakes you and you want to vomit right then and there, but you have a good one. I get my sweeper and start to sweep up the mess as I am trying not to gag, because I hate the smell of spices to begin with, I am sneezing, coughing, saying things under my breath and low and behold the monster ran into the kitchen grabbed the one spice left and dumped it on the kitchen floor then brought it to me to dump on the pile he already had. At that point I wanted to scream, but instead it just ripped it out of his little hand and said what is wrong with you. Of course he looks at me like I am the crazy one he should be asking that question to. Now that it is all cleaned up and my sweeper has been emptied, my house and child still smell like a spice store I am going to try and do some kickboxing to get out the frustration and pray the rest of the day goes better!

January 20, 2010

I got to spend the day a great friend of mine, Leah. We had a good day chatting while Max played and made messes all over the house. I told Max it was time to go home and take and nap and he kept saying "me no nap." Needless to say he fell asleep in the car around 3:15 and woke up at 6:15 when daddy got home. (I am praying he will sleep tonight) When he woke up he was not in a very good mood, as usual and I had to make dinner so I left him with daddy on the couch looking at a fishing magazine. As I was making dinner he got his second wind quite quickly and was running around screaming, trying to get to the food....just being crazy. His brothers got home shortly after which made him even crazier! The older two boys sat in the family room while we ate dinner and were talking to us....they ate dinner with their dad, no I am not starving them...anyway they were talking and Max told Bailey (the oldest) that he was done and to get him out of his highchair. I looked over and noticed he hardly ate even though he was starving. I told him that he needed to eat his green beans before he could get down and some of his rice. He said ok and didn't make another sound. I had turned my head for about 30 seconds and looked back at him and noticed all the green beans were gone. Suprised he ate that fast I said "did you eat all your beans" he looked me right in the eyes and shook his head no with a bit of a grin on his face. I looked at my husband and back at him and said "where are your green beans then" and with his little finger he pointed down to his seat and I noticed he was squatting so I looked down and low and behold there were the beans! I could not do anything but laugh so daddy said nicely "if you don't want to eat them leave them on the plate ok bud". Max looked at him and said ok, stood up and yelled "bailey me all done get out"! Even at a young age they know how to hide what they don't want!!!!!!!

All boys!

I am a mother of 3 boys ages 11, 9 and 2 1/2. If anyone has 3 boys you will understand that sometimes you feel like you want to rip your hair out as well as theirs!!!!!! I love them all very much and wouldn't change it for the world. Each one of them are wonderful, precious, and have a special place in my heart. They do drive me crazy and I know I am getting paid back for what I did as a child and I feel terrible for my parents. You think growing up you know everything and your parents are stupid and they know nothing. Well my two older kids have already hit that stage in life and it's very frustrating. They think they know everything and when I try to tell them they don't, they just stand there and argue with me. I tell them to zip it and they just continue to argue. Now I don't know about you, but I would push my luck a bit with my parents, but I always knew when I was pushing too far and would zip it. All my parents had to do was give "the look" and I knew, as did my brother and sister, that if we didn't stop we were in trouble. I give my kids the same look that terrified me and my kids just stare at me like I'm twitching or something. What is that about? I mean really they know how to wear you down so you just want to crawl in a hole because you have no energy to even get to them. Oh for the day my children have kids and come to me and say "mom, you are not going to believe what they are doing..." I am just going to laugh, laugh, laugh! Anyone else feel that way?