April 2, 2010


Well it has been a while since I have been able to blog!  There is so much that has gone on, but way to much to blog about.  I just finished up my classes to recertify with Disney so I can start working at home again.  I have to say that I was not sure I would make it through the class though. It was for 2 weeks, but no weekends.  The trainer was very good, but had a couple of things that drove me crazy.  The main issue was that he would eat while he was teaching. Mind you he was wearing a headset so his mouth was to close to the mic and he would just chew, chew, chew and talk while he would chew, chew, chew.  I can not stand mouth noises and I really can't stand when they are magnified in my ear.  It was like nails down a chalk board and I could not get away from it.  He would take drinks also and would make the "ahhh" noise every time he took a drink and would smack his lips together.  Oh I wanted to rip my ear off. I couldn't take it and almost told him that if he didn't stop I was going to come through the phone and punch him! I ended up not listening to half of the class, since I had already done it, because the mouth noises were so bad.  My husband would laugh at me while I was going off about the eating, lip smacking, gum chewing and eating.  All I can say is I am glad the class is over and I'm certified and ready to work.

Among other things that have happened I went to the grocery store with my cousin yesterday.  We had my son Max and her daughter who is 2.  They were both really good at the grocery and I had to get gas before I took her home.  Now I use fuel perks and had $1.60 off.  I went to the pump and my card said there was nothing. I waited in line to ask the attendant why it was saying that and he said that the card number on the receipt was different then the card number on the card.  He had no idea how that could happen since I gave him the card that was just scanned.  Well I didn't get my perks and that irritated me a bit, but hey life moves on right.  On our way home we turned on the air and rolled up the windows.  We got to her house and unloaded her groceries, quickly because I had an appt. 20 min from her house in 30 mins.  As I ran upstairs to use her restroom I hear her yell up that she can't get her daughter out of my van and the door kept "beeping at her". (I have automatic doors) I yelled down that she just needed to unlock the doors because the lock sometimes freezes. About 3 seconds pass and I hear "Jenny I locked the doors" I said "are you kidding?" ( it was april fools day) She frantically says "NO Jenny I locked the doors and the kids are in the car" I started laughing and ran downstairs to see that she was NOT kidding and locked the two kids in the car. Now mind you that's a 2&3 yr old we're talking about. She is panicing and calls her husband and tells him what she did and is basically yelling at him like he did it which cracked me up and tells him to get home!  I am laughing and trying to keep her calm and telling her "it's really ok, they are in their car seats, the air is on and my emergency break is on. They can't go anywhere and we are going to get them out."  Well after trying to get my son to "break out" of his car seat and the straps being to tight on his legs for him to move I am on hold with the Emergecny Roadside Assistance waiting to get a tow truck to the house ( I didn't wait to see if he could get out before I called the tow truck either!) My cousin gets home ( it's my cousins wife that did this) and is trying to get in the van with a hanger, which is not working, we are both making jokes at his wife about staying away from the van, my sister ended up calling and asking Tracy ( yes I told her I wouldn't use her name, but it's ok u don't know her) and Tracy is telling my sister what happened and my sisters response was "they are in the car seats, can't go anywhere, the air is on....pull up a lawn chair and enjoy the peace!" Well I finally got my son to pull his lock and we got them out! He was the hero!  It was quite commical!
Well this is really very long so I will stop now! Hope you had a better day then us!


Leah said...

Wow - that is so funny!

Superboy to the rescue!!!

Leah said...

Keep up with the blogging!

You are a funny writer! :)