January 20, 2010

I got to spend the day a great friend of mine, Leah. We had a good day chatting while Max played and made messes all over the house. I told Max it was time to go home and take and nap and he kept saying "me no nap." Needless to say he fell asleep in the car around 3:15 and woke up at 6:15 when daddy got home. (I am praying he will sleep tonight) When he woke up he was not in a very good mood, as usual and I had to make dinner so I left him with daddy on the couch looking at a fishing magazine. As I was making dinner he got his second wind quite quickly and was running around screaming, trying to get to the food....just being crazy. His brothers got home shortly after which made him even crazier! The older two boys sat in the family room while we ate dinner and were talking to us....they ate dinner with their dad, no I am not starving them...anyway they were talking and Max told Bailey (the oldest) that he was done and to get him out of his highchair. I looked over and noticed he hardly ate even though he was starving. I told him that he needed to eat his green beans before he could get down and some of his rice. He said ok and didn't make another sound. I had turned my head for about 30 seconds and looked back at him and noticed all the green beans were gone. Suprised he ate that fast I said "did you eat all your beans" he looked me right in the eyes and shook his head no with a bit of a grin on his face. I looked at my husband and back at him and said "where are your green beans then" and with his little finger he pointed down to his seat and I noticed he was squatting so I looked down and low and behold there were the beans! I could not do anything but laugh so daddy said nicely "if you don't want to eat them leave them on the plate ok bud". Max looked at him and said ok, stood up and yelled "bailey me all done get out"! Even at a young age they know how to hide what they don't want!!!!!!!


steph said...

I love hearing funny stories about other people's kids! Makes me look forward to having my own. I can't imagine what karma will bring about to me with my kids! :) (that is if i believed in karma!)

Leah said...

Max is so cute!

Your friend Leah sounds great. :)
ha ha

Love your blog design.