January 28, 2010


It started as a nice day....I got up 15 min. early, the kids only fought once, we left the house in time for me to get gas, dropped the boys off to school early, got to enjoy my coffee while Max watched Mickey Mouse, got to talk to my friend and then......as I am in my room doing a few things and talking to my girlfriend I start smelling what I think is spices. I tell myself I'm just "smelling things" that don't exist and continue on....I mean I am upstairs and the kitchen is downstairs and I'm certainly not cooking. As I go about my business the smell gets stronger so I decided to investigate and as I walk down the steps and around the corner I notice my spice cupboard open and a little spice bottle on the floor. I am quickly realizing that Max decided to empty to spice cupboard and well he decided to do it on my couch, foot rest, carpet and clean folded clothes. I quickly tell my friend I gotta go, as she is laughing, look at Max and say "what are you doing"? He had already ran and hid beside the couch like he was invisible, but decided to reappear. I took a couple pics of the mess and forwarded them to Leah and my husband to show the lovely mess. My husband instantly calls and says "what's that." I informed him that our son decided to open all of our spices and combine them. Now, I know he can hear the frustration in my voice while as I am telling him this Max picks up my Nike's and says "look me dump" and spices pour out of those too, but my husband still felt the need to say "well where were you and what were you doing". Ummmm Hello I don't think that was your smartest comment ever and if I could I would come through the phone and choke you, but the nice, calm wife I am said I was up in our room doing stuff and I had just checked on him 5 min before that. He says oh well I gotta go. Yep ok dear you have a lovely day while I clean up this lovely mess that has made my house smell like a nasy old country spice store that when you pull in the parking lot the smell overtakes you and you want to vomit right then and there, but you have a good one. I get my sweeper and start to sweep up the mess as I am trying not to gag, because I hate the smell of spices to begin with, I am sneezing, coughing, saying things under my breath and low and behold the monster ran into the kitchen grabbed the one spice left and dumped it on the kitchen floor then brought it to me to dump on the pile he already had. At that point I wanted to scream, but instead it just ripped it out of his little hand and said what is wrong with you. Of course he looks at me like I am the crazy one he should be asking that question to. Now that it is all cleaned up and my sweeper has been emptied, my house and child still smell like a spice store I am going to try and do some kickboxing to get out the frustration and pray the rest of the day goes better!

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